The Wahoo Wasp; October 8, 1896

The citizens of Weston met in the town hall Monday evening and took preliminary steps to organize a fire company. They will meet Wednesday evening and organize.

The Wahoo Wasp; October 15, 1896

Weston people are proud to announce the fact that the town now has a regularly organized fire-company of over thirty members, which is finely equipped with a Racine chemical fire engine and supply tanks, purchased Friday night by the village board at a special meeting.

The purchase was made after a thorough and satisfactory test given the apparatus last Thursday night on the ball grounds in presence of a majority of the people of Weston and many from the country who had come in to witness the exhibition. A good-sized pine building had been erected during the day, filled with hay and dry-goods boxes and the whole well saturated with kerosene, so when the match was applied the building was almost instantly in flames.

The run was made with the engine from the town hall, a distance of three blocks, and was in charge of the newly organized fire company under the direction of F. D. Empey, the company’s agent, who also manned the nozzle during the test. The building was thoroughly enveloped in flames before the company started from the engine room, but they were brought under subjection in a few seconds and only a few minutes had elapsed before the fire was entirely extinguished. The little engine did the
work well.

The fire company was assisted in its organization by agent F. D. Empey and is officered as follows:

  • Willard Hagenbuck – Chief
  • Nels Tuveson – Assistant Chief
  • Fred Rockafellow – 1st Nozzleman
  • J. R. Webster – 2nd Nozzleman
  • John Pospisil – 3rd Nozzleman
  • C. E. Lillibridge – President of the Company
  • Frank Vanous – Vice-President
  • Frank Hakel – Secretary
  • C. F. Stockert – Treasurer